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The forward thinking customers that have adopted Lytica’s analytic tools have a few things in common.

First, like all companies – they have finite resources. The statistical IP within Lytica’s benchmarking tools quickly characterize their competitiveness – by electronic commodity – and identify those parts where a client is paying too much. Information is always presented in a client’s own ‘language’, so commodity and purchasing teams can immediately focus on implementing cost reduction.

Second, they understand that focusing on competitive costing has to be a constant vigil. Few industries have the degree of pricing ‘churn’ as the electronic component industry. The reality of ‘faster, better, cheaper’ driven by “Moore’s Law” coupled with demand/supply imbalances – requires a rigorous and repeatable process to drive component cost reduction. Lytica’s tools provide this inexpensively and in near ‘real-time’.

Third, these companies have a ‘Benchmarking/Kaizen’ mindset that they already apply to many aspects of their organization. A focus on “continuous improvement” and the reduction of “non-value adding” activities are already part of our clients’ culture. Lytica’s tools bring this same benchmarking rigor to the electronic component part of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).

From the introduction of our flagship application in 2011, Lytica’s tools are relied on by some of the world’s largest and most progressive OEMs and EMSs along with some small companies – from start-ups to firms taking it to the ‘next level’. Derivative products are also used by other electronic supply chain participants including those involved in mergers and acquisitions.


A knowledge based company that helps companies Benchmark their electronics spend. Our tools identify cost savings for OEM and EMS companies.

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Lytica Clients


Lytica Clients