The benefits and risks of outsourcing are well documented. Global sourcing, new acquisitions, product launches, all require unique responses. An OEM’s priority is to innovate and to run a profitable operation. Lytica’s suite of component price benchmarking analytics provides an inexpensive and fast methodology to ensure your cost base is competitive. Additionally our tools provide a platform to drive a repeatable cost reduction discipline.

Lytica’s tools provide:

l bullet A characterization of an OEM’s competitiveness by commodity ‘spend’
l bullet Statistically derived price targets for the worst priced ‘outliers’ at the Client Part Number level
l bullet A detailed mapping of cost reduction opportunities due to ‘pricing duplication’ at the Client Part Number level
l bullet An identification of the risk associated with single sourced components and provides up to 5 alternatives


For OEMs that are in an acquisition mode, Lytica’s M&A Synergy Savings Report provides a new method of predicting savings due to ‘spend economies’. This ‘pre’ and ‘post’ merger tool set helps the OEM’s newly combined supply chain teams – strategize and execute cost savings, faster than ever before.







A knowledge based company that helps companies Benchmark their electronics spend. Our tools identify cost savings for OEM and EMS companies.

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Lytica Clients