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Component Cost Estimator (CCE) has been developed for electronic product designers, product line managers and purchasing professionals (including those within Contract Manufacturers/EMS Providers). CCE provides instantaneous Bill of Materials (BOM) costing based on current market prices and recommends second source alternatives. CCE also identifies obsolete components through its lifecycle status field - to avoid obsolescence in new designs.

Electronic Circuit Designers

Upload a BOM and get an excel file output showing average, market leading and fair pricing* suitable for your company. CCE also provides cross references for your components that are high probability alternatives, aiding DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFSC (Design for Supply Chain) objectives.

Purchasing Professionals

An essential daily tool. With online access to CCE negotiate savings before you place an order. Greatly reduce the non-value activity associated with many types of quotes. Why spend time and resources with uncompetitive suppliers? CCE also provides cross references that are high probability alternatives, helping to avoid line down situations. When disaster strikes, save scare time by instantly identifying likely alternatives to shortage items, including current market prices and fair pricing* suitable for your company.

Contract Manufacturers/EMS Providers (CM/EMS)

Within the high activity base of CM/EMS providers, CCE greatly reduces those non-value activities associated with many types of quotes. Is your pricing still valid? CCE provides a rapid starting point to develop more competitive quotes for your customers/potential customers. CCE also provides cross references that are high probability alternatives, allowing you to map your customers’ BOMs to your PVL (Preferred Vender List).

Product Line Managers (NPI)

Assists in understanding your projected costs and market competitiveness. Provides help for the features/benefits vs. cost decisions. Shorten New Product Introduction (NPI) cycles by enhancing co- operation between design and procurement organizations with real time, accurate pricing and sourcing information.

How does it work?

CCE is a user friendly, licensed, web based application. Manufacturing part numbers are entered as an individual component or in groups as an excel file and results are displayed showing pricing and sourcing alternatives.

Component prices are displayed as average, market leading and fair market value* for your company. Alternate sources for the components are also listed. The results can be exported as an excel file.

* Run’s free BENCHMARK REPORT today to quantify what is fair market pricing for your company.


More information about the Lytica CCE is available in our white paper titled Component Cost Estimator.

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