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Many of the world’s leading companies are using to improve their component cost competitiveness, market leadership and profitability. How? Our proven proprietary approach supported by the largest independent database of current industry pricing gives procurement professionals the knowledge and confidence they need to gain true competitive advantage.

Lytica has taken electronic component price benchmarking to a completely new level of performance, with a return on investment unmatched by any other solution in the industry. We provide a confidential market assessment of your spending and an estimate of fair market prices for your worst priced components.

Two key factors differentiate the Gold Report from other benchmarking services or products:

  1. Proprietary matching algorithms and the largest independent database of current industry pricing. The report results provide an unprecedented level of detailed competitive information, savings potential and risk reduction.
  2. Actionable line-by-line analysis of your matched electronic component spend will translate into real cost savings and create true competitive advantage for clients, quarter after quarter and year after year. reports are the industry standard for cost effective component price benchmarking. Start benefiting from this unprecedented source of market intelligence today.



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"Poor visibility has always been the bane of the electronics industry. Lytica’s supply chain knowledge tools help to eliminate hazardous guesses, empowering the user to make informed decisions. Why wouldn’t you use it?"

Bolaji Ojo
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, EPS