M&A Synergy Savings

The Merger & Acquisition (M&A) report calculates available savings to acquiring companies by identifying electronic component pricing disparities within the merged companies, allowing for immediate and actionable savings through lowest price standardization. This confidential report can be generated pre, post or during any merger or acquisition process.

With the M&A Report, investment firms, company board of directors and C- level executives now have access to reliable and highly effective due diligence reporting on component pricing to support their M&A analysis. One client – a major global OEM - recently identified over $400K in immediate savings during their post-merger consolidation activities.

M&A Report

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"The current tools are one thing, but if you have any feedback or concerns that you are faced with, Lytica will react and next thing you know, you have a new tool to address it."

Ron Preston
Sr. Director of Global Supply Chain Strategies

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