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In January 2015, after 10 years of growth, Lytica’s Board of Directors elected to spin out Lytica’s consulting and services business into a new and separate company - Silecta Inc.

Ken Bradley announced that Lytica Inc. would increase its focus on benchmarking and other unique analytic supply chain tools, whereas Silecta would continue with their mandate to augment their clients’ internal SCM functions. Bradley cited, “This split is a natural evolution of our vision for Lytica. Lytica’s analytic tools have attracted many of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies as customers. They have become faithful users of our products and are demanding continuous evolution of our leading applications. The separation into two separate businesses allows greater management focus on growth and product development to serve our customers’ needs.”

Companies interested in Silecta’s consulting services can refer to the company website at


A knowledge based company that helps companies Benchmark their electronics spend. Our tools identify cost savings for OEM and EMS companies.