Why Lytica

Lytica advanced supply chain analytic tools give you an edge to success. Our analytic tools, bring the same benchmarking rigor that you use in other operational aspects of your business to your electronic component ‘spend’. Lytica’s suite of analytic tools create a sustainable competitive advantage for your electronics component sourcing and operations management.

Our core is knowledge. Lytica applies its Expertise and Intellectual Property to increase your productivity and business valuation; streamlining progress with our game-changing tools:

Fast Track Cost Reduction solves the challenge of focusing on actionable component cost reduction. Leveraging the world’s largest database of current electronic component pricing, spending effectiveness is characterized and targets are identified for a successful negotiations strategy.

Component Cost Visibility

Lytica creates transparency to costs enabling actions to improve competitiveness and performance.

M&A Synergy Savings

Lytica’s M&A report removes some of the guesswork associated with estimating the electronic component savings due to increased economies. Our analytic identifies component pricing disparities within the merged companies, allowing for immediate and actionable savings through lowest price standardization. This confidential report can be generated pre, post or during any merger or acquisition process.


A knowledge based company that helps companies Benchmark their electronics spend. Our tools identify cost savings for OEM and EMS companies.

Action Cycle

Lytica Action Cycle