SupplyLens Pro API – A New Approach to Looking at Supplier Price with 24/7 Access and Connectivity

There is significant value behind giving our customers a heightened sense of confidence and market knowledge before going into negotiations. That’s why we developed SupplyLens™ Pro API, letting us connect with customers’ systems to transfer information faster, more securely, and more accurately.

Too many companies are operating on multiple systems siloed from one another. This adds a level of complexity that prevents them from taking advantage of the full data sets and receive comprehensive market intelligence in a timely way.

Companies are starting to respond to this by building their own analytics platform and hiring data analysts to drill down into their data. Lytica’s technology complements this activity with the exact features and functionality these companies want. Our SupplyLens Pro platform also reduces the need to go it alone in an analytics environment.

Lytica’s unique data set tracks millions of actual prices paid by real customers, and we use this data to help our clients negotiate better prices and mitigate risk. We’ve analyzed over $400B in electronic component spend, delivering true market insights and savings opportunities.

The SupplyLens™ Pro API enables you with the confidence needed to set up electronic component pricing targets and carry out better negotiations.

Benefits of SupplyLens Pro API

Easy Set Up 

Lytica’s JSON-based REST API is user-friendly and compatible with most ERP and PLM systems. This capability offers two-way communication with your enterprise system provider including SAP, Agile, ENOVIA and others.

High Level of Security 

Hundreds of companies trust Lytica with their data because we employ best-of-breed proactive security practices, encryption and intrusion detection methods to make sure customer data is always protected.

Simple to Use 

Easily query using a manufacturer part number (MPN) to get pricing information (Market Leading, Target Price, Average Price), up to 5 alternatives (and their lifecycle), and additional proprietary Lytica enabled risk information

 24/7 Real-Time Market Intelligence for Electronic Components

Competitiveness Level Price 

By setting the level to a suitable percentage for your company, customers will receive appropriate market pricing recommendations. If you have a competitiveness level of 70%, you should be paying in the 70th percentile pricing.

Average Market Price 

Get true market visibility that no one else has with a view of accurate average market price for each Manufacturing Part Number searched.

Market Leading Price

Several of the world’s leading OEM, EMS, and component manufacturers are taking advantage of our aggregated and anonymized pricing data, showing customers a true view of market leading pricing.

5 Dimensional Risk Score 

Lytica analyzes millions of real-world prices paid by its customers, which gives them unprecedented market insight that is not available from internet aggregators or distributor websites. Risk information includes: MPN Breadth, Manufacturer Breadth, MPN Concentration, Due Diligence, and Lifecycle.

Component Lifecycle 

Lytica uses AI and machine learning to accelerate our lifecycle data collection and verification.

Component Alternatives 

Alleviate shortages risk by identifying alternatives for multiple part numbers. Lytica will suggest up to five (5) FFF (form, fit, function) equivalents for each MPN searched. The alternative MPNs provided will list the manufacturer Part Number, Manufacturer and Lifecycle

Gain a Competitive Advantage with SupplyLens Pro API 

Some of the largest companies in the world are gaining an extra competitive advantage by using SupplyLens™ Pro API to get 24/7 access to Lytica’s real-time market intelligence for electronic components—drawing on the world’s largest and only independent database with millions of electronic components and actual prices paid by real customers.

Get connected with our API to gain a competitive market advantage today!

Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley

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