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Lytica has developed personal data management practices that comply with global privacy regulations and align to industry standards and best practices.

This webpage highlights the practices Lytica has implemented regarding its management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Scope of Application of GDPR to Lytica

Based on its business model it is unlikely that Lytica would hold significant PII.  In some cases however Lytica may occasionally hold PII, including data that identifies the location of individuals. This personal data is only used as it relates to business relationships. The most sensitive personal data held by Lytica is employee data.  Lytica does not perform personal data profiling or data mining.

GDPR Compliance at Lytica


Lytica’s privacy policies provide clear and comprehensive information on the personal data management processes it employs. Individuals using the Lytica website are alerted to the company’s practices through easy access to the Website Privacy Policy and the general Privacy Policy.


The Lytica website requires visitors to consent to the collection of personal data through cookies. The scope and extent of collection and processing is made clear in Lytica’s Privacy Policy.


Lytica processes personal data exclusively as necessary under the instructions of its customers. Lytica ensures that it collects the minimum personal data required to perform its services and maintains a retention schedule whereby personal data transferred by customers is destroyed or anonymized once service to that customer is complete.


The security of the data in Lytica’s custody is ensured using advanced technology and the practices described in the Privacy Policy. Lytica regularly reviews its security procedures to ensure this high level of protection is continuously maintained.

Individual Rights

Lytica has implemented an access request mechanism, whereby individuals may request access to their personal data that is held by Lytica. Lytica reviews impactful global privacy regulations and is committed to implementing technological upgrades, policies and adopting best practices that ensure it remains compliant with emerging regulatory compliance obligations.

Internal Compliance

Lytica has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure and demonstrate compliance with GDPR. The Data Protection Officer has formed a Privacy Committee that includes a cross-functional team responsible for drafting and rolling out policies, procedures, training and awareness campaigns throughout the company. Individuals interested in contacting Lytica’s Privacy Committee for any reason may do so by emailing us at Should a challenge be logged with a supervisory authority for further investigation, Lytica is prepared to fully cooperate with the data protection authorities.

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