We provide customers with the data, insight, and analysis they need to improve their procurement and build better, stronger, more resilient supply chains.

Supply Chain Networks

Complex and fast-moving

“Supply chains are changing.  They’re not even “chains” anymore but more like complex and fast-moving supply networks.  Technology is also playing a central role as they become digitized, intelligent and AI-assisted.  Risk management continues to be very important.  And planning for flexibility, resiliency and visibility is necessary in order to make quick changes and optimizations.  The market for electronic components is particularly challenging.  Every year billions of dollars are lost in the industry because the electronic components supply chain is so lacking in transparency.  The Lytica platform solves this problem.   Lytica is there with help with sourcing, pricing and security of supply for electronic components.  Working with top tier OEMs and EMSs, we save our customers millions of dollars every year.”

Martin Sendyk

President & CEO

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Complex and fast-moving

The world’s only provider of electronic component spend analytics and risk intelligence using real customer data.

Trusted by the world’s top OEM’s and electronics manufacturers with over $400B in spend data analyzed.

We aim to make the global electronics supply chain more transparent and accessible.

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