Accelerate your career with a world-SaaS team of talented people.

Reasons to Join

Company Culture


Career Acceleration
One year with Lytica is like several years of experience at another company. We strap a rocket to your back and boost your career into hyperdrive.


The People • Multicultural Core
Put simply, our differences are our strengths. There are at least 16 languages spoken in our offices! Diversity comes from within our teams and also from our client interactions.


Mentorship Opportunities
Executives and managers take genuine interest in your career progression. No one gets to the top on their own. Learn from the brightest minds and leverage professional growth opportunities.


Cutting Edge IP & AI
Lytica has some of the country’s top experts working on cutting edge IP, AI and Machine Learning to solve complex industry issues. Canada’s top supercomputer – we get to play with it.


Lytica Experience
Lytica cares about our employees and is always exploring ways we can give back and make our team better.

  • Robust Benefits Plan
  • Remote/Hybrid Work Environment
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Social Events
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Bottomless Coffee & Snacks


Company Growth
Lytica is experiencing strong company growth and wants you to be a part of the journey. Jump in and let’s ride this rocket ship to the moon and beyond.

You Make Us Better

Stars Like You

There are jobs – and then there are careers. Growing a successful SaaS company, a lot of stars have to align. You’ve got to have some advantages that others don’t. We’ve got world-class customers, great IP, and now it’s time to take all that knowledge and to scale it into hyperdrive.

To do that, we need stars like you.