Spend Benchmarking

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Reveal your true competitive position and savings opportunities.

Benchmarking Advantages

Spend Benchmarking

Modules included

How it Works

Spend Benchmarking draws on the world’s largest and only independent database with millions of electronic components of actual prices paid by real customers. Securely upload your electronic component spend data to receive a comprehensive spend and risk analysis with negotiating advice at your part number level. Gain true insights into your savings opportunities today!

Be Confident in your Targets

“SupplyLens™ Pro has given me a whole new approach to looking at supplier pricing. I’m a lot more confident in how my team sets our electronic component pricing targets.”

VP Supply Management

Equipment Manufacturer

AI Powered Matching

A chronic issue in the electronics supply chain is dirty data. Manufacturing Part Numbers may contain spelling errors that go unnoticed. (example 0 for a O). Spend Benchmarking uses our artificial intelligence enabled data cleaning to vastly improve component matching to deliver better results.

Secure & Confidential

Maintaining the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data is something we take very seriously. No customer data is ever released, revealed or sold. The data we receive is used only in aggregate. Learn more about our Data Information & Security here.
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