SupplyLens™ Pro M&A

Be ready on day one of your newly merged company with best of the best savings opportunities and risk analysis.

Mergers & Acquisitions

SupplyLens™ Pro Plugin

Mergers and Acquisitions are part of the fabric of the tech industry. However, success in achieving promised ‘economies of scale’ savings pertaining to electronic commodities often go unrealized or take years to achieve. Partly to blame is that companies rely on rough estimates in their initial planning stages. Lytica’s proven SupplyLens™ Pro M&A product starts at the beginning by calculating realistic targets for component savings.

As a trusted and independent party, Lytica gets involved during the due diligence stage to allow an impartial assessment of potential savings available to the proposed new combined company. After the deal is closed, SupplyLens™ Pro M&A provides a clear plan for supply chain teams to start realizing ‘economy of scale’ savings close to the first day of the newly merged company. Already bought or merged with another company? It’s not too late!

Deploy SupplyLens™ Pro M&A today, and you’re only days away from enabling your supply chain management team with a roadmap to savings – right down to part number detail!

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