Webinar: Navigating a world-class supply chain during a looming recession

Economic impacts are a critical demand driver that can put a strain on efficient electronic component supply chains. It may affect supply, product demand, and inventory levels, causing a product influx in electronic parts and falling prices. Accurate electronic supply chain information can help companies navigate the end of shortages, avoid oversupply, and add value to business operations. So, how do you navigate toward a world-class supply chain during a looming recession?
Join Ken Bradley (CTO), from electronic component spend analytics and risk intelligence specialists Lytica, to learn how you navigate the end of electronic component shortages and continue to build a resilient supply chain.

​​​​​​​This webinar will explain how:

  • Predictive analytics can identify risks/cost savings​​​​​​​
  • To address part availability and falling prices
  • Lytica’s solutions assist in building a more resilient supply chain
  • and more…

Read the free e-book here or watch the webinar here

Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley

VP Product Management & Marketing

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