Bring new products to market using realistic and actionable pricing data.

Should-Cost (beta)

SupplyLens™ Pro Plugin

Lytica’s SupplyLens™ Pro platform has become the go to solution for many of the world’s largest tech companies for their Should-Cost/Value Engineering and ODM Product cost requirements. Lytica’s Should-Cost (beta) plugin for SupplyLens™ Pro takes this functionality to the next level by adding enhanced device matching techniques, identifying pricing outliers and recommending targets, and much more. Why cost NPI, Should-Cost projects or ODM products with list prices or public domain pricing when you can access real customer data insights.

The SupplyLens™ Pro Should-Cost (beta) plugin allows our customers to leverage the world’s only commercially available database of real customer pricing for electronic components. Plugin to savings and successfully negotiate using real world data today!

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