Manufacturer & Supplier performance tracking over time for negotiating leverage.


SupplyLens™ Pro Plugin

The SupplyLens™ Pro Trends plugin creates significant negotiation leverage with suppliers, by greatly reducing negotiation preparation time and uncovering new areas of savings opportunities.

Ask yourself;

  • “How long has it been since the last price change?”
  • “How have your suppliers treated you during a constrained supply?”

Trends answers these questions by tracking your supplier’s historical performance over time to market pricing. Tracking performance data allows for the ranking and comparison of the suppliers in your supply chain to others. This analysis shows which of your suppliers have been competitive in the market and which have not been providing appropriate cost reduction. Trends also compares manufacturers and suppliers on attributes such as design support, quality, delivery performance and other attributes to enable you with added leverage for your next negotiation.

To uncover unrealized supply chain savings and access the data needed to reinforce electronic component manufacturer and supplier relationships, contact us today to schedule a demo of the SupplyLens™ Pro Trends plugin.

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