Business Process Improvement

Maximize The Impact of Your SupplyLens Pro Investment.

Business Process Improvement – Not Just A Technology Partnership

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Implementing Lytica’s SupplyLens Pro platform delivers unparalleled insights into the electronic component market and helps procurement teams make critical decisions regarding pricing and risk within their supply base. However, operationalizing this insight to achieve business value is often a challenging task.

For this reason, Lytica offers a Business Process Improvement service designed to be a close partnership where Lytica will recommend data-driven business process improvements to clients on a variety of levels in order to maximize the economic value of their SupplyLens Pro platform investment.

Lytica’s Business Process Improvement offering is a continuous engagement model where data-driven recommendations are not only implemented but results of those recommendations are provided back to Lytica by the client for further refinement and collaboration

Immediately Capture Low-Hanging Operational Saving Opportunities

Simply provide Lytica with your costed bill of materials (BOM) and the Lytica team will run a spend benchmarking exercise leveraging the SupplyLens Pro platform.

Lytica’s comprehensive reference libraries and advanced artificial intelligence combine to deliver the most in-depth analysis of your data and processes to enable benchmarking of your cost and process performance across your organization and with your peers from the industry at large.

Once completed, the team will collaborate with you to identify actionable, operational savings opportunities across a few key areas:

Beyond Operational Savings

Collaborating with Lytica to capture operational savings opportunities is the foundation for success in business process improvement. While tangible, easy wins will result from continuous collaboration, Lytica also has the capability to help clients capture transformational savings opportunities.

Transformational savings represent the highest impact opportunities for business process improvement and analyzes how a client operates strategically in sourcing and procurement. Collaborating with Lytica on transformational savings opportunities will help a client:

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Business Process Improvement

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