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E-Waste Generated across the years

Sustainability is a Must-Have not a Nice-To-Have

Sustainability is not a buzzword anymore, however, the concept of sustainability remains abstract and complex if it lacks context to make it relatable to people’s day-to-day experience. Though everyone may have different understandings and interpretations of sustainability, we all know…

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GDP and the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector- The Growth Engine of the Economy

GDP dynamics – An important factor for developing supply chain strategies Manufacturing sector has been the growth engine of the global economy for the better part of the last two centuries. The transition from an agrarian to manufacturing economy is…

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Supplier Risk

Risk and Uncertainty

 Is risk a synonym for uncertainty? The thesaurus in Microsoft Word suggests that it is and a Google search confirms it however, when thinking about managing supply chains, there are a different set of actions for risk than those taken…

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Professor Rosling

Professor Rosling is an interesting fellow

Professor Hans Rosling is an interesting fellow. In his documentary Don’t Panic: How to End Poverty in 15 Years, which details the United Nations’ plan to end poverty in 15 years, he describes two paths to economic prosperity while improving…

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