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Creating a resilient electronic component supply chain in the face of a recession

Electronic Component supply chains serve as product highways creating a clear path from concept to delivery. A great supply chain is frictionless, fast, and efficient. Many factors contribute to the quality of a supply chain, some of which are beyond…

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SaaS for component pricing: Q&A with Lytica chairman Ken Bradley

How much should one pay for a chip or a component? Lytica, a Canadian supply-chain pricing analytics company, has the answer. Founded by former Nortel chief procurement officer Ken Bradley, who, like many others in the IT industry, was once…

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GDP and the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector- The Growth Engine of the Economy

GDP dynamics – An important factor for developing supply chain strategies Manufacturing sector has been the growth engine of the global economy for the better part of the last two centuries. The transition from an agrarian to manufacturing economy is…

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