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Lytica’s Ken Bradley Joins Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs Podcast, Giving Insight to Procurement on a Global Scale

Lytica’s own Chief Technology Officer, Ken Bradley, recently took some time to chat with Martin Harshberger on the Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs podcast. They discussed everything from industry challenges to best practices on procurement and approaching negotiations to where he…

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The Acceleration of Data: Requiring Companies to Speed up, Work Faster, and Prepare for the Future (Part 3)

In a previous post, we discussed how technology’s rate of adoption is getting increasingly shorter, and faster. For those companies remaining stagnant in legacy systems, the hustle needed to catch up to those businesses that have adopted innovative solutions more…

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“We supply the science – you supply the art”

In October, I attended the i2030 National Manufacturing Summit in Ottawa Canada, co-hosted by industry groups the CME (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters) and the CMC (Canadian Manufacturing Coalition). The agenda was geared towards manufacturers and, considering our customers worldwide are…

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