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Creating a resilient electronic component supply chain in the face of a recession

Electronic Component supply chains serve as product highways creating a clear path from concept to delivery. A great supply chain is frictionless, fast, and efficient. Many factors contribute to the quality of a supply chain, some of which are beyond…

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The Acceleration of Data: Requiring Companies to Speed up, Work Faster, and Prepare for the Future (Part 3)

In a previous post, we discussed how technology’s rate of adoption is getting increasingly shorter, and faster. For those companies remaining stagnant in legacy systems, the hustle needed to catch up to those businesses that have adopted innovative solutions more…

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How Customers are Winning

Lytica has one primary goal: arm our customers with the data and analysis they need to build better, stronger and more resilient supply chains. We pride ourselves on having the world’s only database of real-world prices paid by real customers…

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